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file01. Diana Ross & The Supremes - For Once In My Life.flac2019-10-01 08:5973820 KB
file02. Stevie Wonder - Can't Do Without Your Love.flac2019-10-01 08:5965141 KB
file03. Ivy Jo - It's Love I Need.flac2019-10-01 08:5998146 KB
file04. Chris Clark - My World Is Empty Without You.flac2019-10-01 08:5969573 KB
file05. The Temptations - Pretty Little Brown Skin Girl.flac2019-10-01 08:5988086 KB
file06. The Volumes - Forever I'll Love You.flac2019-10-01 08:5976450 KB
file07. Jr. Walker & The All Stars - (Baby) I Need You.flac2019-10-01 08:5982884 KB
file08. Frank Wilson - Look Out Your Window.flac2019-10-01 08:5990812 KB
file09. Edwin Starr - I'll Always Love You.flac2019-10-01 08:5974254 KB
file10. Earl Van Dyke - Stone Soul Booster.flac2019-10-01 08:59112823 KB
file11. Gladys Knight & The Pips - You Took Me This Far (Take Me All The Way).flac2019-10-01 08:5876609 KB
file12. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Won't You Come And Fly With Me.flac2019-10-01 08:5983024 KB
file13. Edwin Starr - Born Just To Be That Way.flac2019-10-01 08:5983949 KB
file14. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - What About Me.flac2019-10-01 08:5963702 KB
file15. Jonah Jones - Too Many Fish In The Sea.flac2019-10-01 08:5955801 KB
file16. Edwin Starr - Fan The Flame.flac2019-10-01 08:5879667 KB
file17. Chris Clark - The Last Thing On My Mind.flac2019-10-01 08:5983873 KB
file18. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Backfire (Version 1).flac2019-10-01 08:59102104 KB
file19. Gladys Knight & The Pips - I Had A Dream (Opus 1).flac2019-10-01 08:5982031 KB
file20. The Temptations - Why (Must We Fall In Love).flac2019-10-01 08:5985372 KB
file21. The Fantastic Four - What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted.flac2019-10-01 08:5972808 KB
file22. Ivy Jo - Ask The Lonely.flac2019-10-01 08:5965619 KB
file23. Ivy Jo - Yesterday's Dreams.flac2019-10-01 08:5969267 KB
file24. Ivy Jo - I Got To Get To California.flac2019-10-01 08:5972098 KB
file25. Originals - Blame It On War.flac2019-10-01 08:5975736 KB
file26. The Stylists - The Jackpot.flac2019-10-01 08:5963360 KB
file27. The Spinners - Don't Think It's Me.flac2019-10-01 08:5977608 KB
file28. Michael Denton - MacArthur Park,Didn't We.flac2019-10-01 08:5988651 KB
file29. Michael Denton - Someone For My Own.flac2019-10-01 08:5968465 KB
file30. The Volumes - One Lucky Day I Found You.flac2019-10-01 08:5975557 KB
file31. The Rustix - Generation.flac2019-10-01 08:5965953 KB
file32. Jr. Walker & The All Stars - Country Girl.flac2019-10-01 08:5966065 KB
file33. Jr. Walker & The All Stars - Something You Got (Studio Version).flac2019-10-01 08:59130859 KB
file34. Bobby Taylor - At Last (I Found A Love).flac2019-10-01 08:5999197 KB
file35. Bobby Taylor - Love Is Here And Now You're Gone.flac2019-10-01 08:5981959 KB
file36. Jackson 5 - What's So Good About Good Bye.flac2019-10-01 08:5878004 KB
file37. Bobby Taylor - You've Really Got A Hold On Me.flac2019-10-01 08:5989214 KB
file38. Earl Van Dyke - The Stranger.flac2019-10-01 08:5983389 KB
file39. Earl Van Dyke - I Wish It Would Rain.flac2019-10-01 08:5964233 KB
file40. Stevie Wonder - Start Out A New Day.flac2019-10-01 08:5999922 KB
file41. Gordon Staples & The Motown Strings - All The Shades In Between.flac2019-10-01 08:5995038 KB
file42. Valerie Simpson - You Ain't Livin' Till You're Lovin'.flac2019-10-01 08:5851973 KB
file43. Edwin Starr - Pain From My Loneliness.flac2019-10-01 08:5979643 KB
file44. Yvonne Fair - All I Could Do Was Cry.flac2019-10-01 08:59135180 KB
file45. The Temptations - Home Is Where The Heart Is.flac2019-10-01 08:5869331 KB
file46. Stevie Wonder - Mister Moon.flac2019-10-01 08:5967247 KB
file47. Rare Earth - Your Heartaches I Can Surely Heal.flac2019-10-01 08:5987171 KB
file48. Ivy Jo - Dancing In The Street.flac2019-10-01 08:59131098 KB
file49. Marvin Gaye - I'll Take Care Of Business.flac2019-10-01 08:5965633 KB
file50. Ivy Jo - Pride, Foolish Pride.flac2019-10-01 08:59120242 KB
file51. Earl Van Dyke - Moratorium.flac2019-10-01 08:5989942 KB
file52. Kiki Dee - While They Watch.flac2019-10-01 08:5978581 KB
file53. Terry Johnson - This Is The Beginning.flac2019-10-01 08:5973351 KB
file54. Terry Johnson - I Blew My Mind.flac2019-10-01 08:5969905 KB
file55. Earl Van Dyke - Chicken Little 69.flac2019-10-01 08:5970814 KB
file56. Kiki Dee - You're My World.flac2019-10-01 08:5971810 KB
file57. Bobby Taylor - Touched By Love.flac2019-10-01 08:5992077 KB
file58. Hearts Of Stone - When Push Comes To Shove.flac2019-10-01 08:5993066 KB
file59. Jimmy Ruffin - I Gotta Cover A Whole Lotta Ground.flac2019-10-01 08:5870943 KB
file60. Terry Johnson - Tomorrow's Child.flac2019-10-01 08:59114192 KB
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