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file01 Teenage Dream.m4a2011-12-31 15:217472 KB
file02 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).m4a2011-12-31 15:217712 KB
file04 Firework.m4a2011-12-31 15:217691 KB
file05 Peacock.m4a2011-12-31 15:217924 KB
file06 Circle The Drain.m4a2011-12-31 15:219259 KB
file07 The One That Got Away.m4a2011-12-31 15:217621 KB
file08 E.T..m4a2011-12-31 15:216826 KB
file09 Who Am I Living For_.m4a2011-12-31 15:218552 KB
file10 Pearl.m4a2011-12-31 15:218203 KB
file11 Hummingbird Heartbeat.m4a2011-12-31 15:217094 KB
file12 Not Like The Movies.m4a2011-12-31 15:217882 KB
fileAlbumArt_{E2EC3652-5B11-4FDD-8C74-5731C75D1EE7}_Large.jpg2011-01-23 20:406 KB
fileAlbumArt_{E2EC3652-5B11-4FDD-8C74-5731C75D1EE7}_Small.jpg2011-01-23 20:402 KB
fileAlbumArtSmall.jpg2011-01-23 20:402 KB
filedesktop.ini2011-01-23 20:400 KB
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