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folderTaylor Swift - Red [Deluxe Version] (2012)2021-09-12 13:49
file00 Playlist.m3u2015-02-07 17:470 KB
file01 Welcome To New York.mp32018-08-13 15:099614 KB
file02 Blank Space.mp32018-08-13 15:0910383 KB
file03 Style.mp32018-08-13 15:0910350 KB
file04 Out Of The Woods.mp32018-08-13 15:0910542 KB
file05 All You Had To Do Was Stay.mp32018-08-13 15:098842 KB
file06 Shake It Off.mp32018-08-13 15:099878 KB
file07 I Wish You Would.mp32018-08-13 15:099408 KB
file08 Bad Blood.mp32018-08-13 15:099588 KB
file09 Wildest Dreams.mp32018-08-13 15:099928 KB
file10 How You Get The Girl.mp32018-08-13 15:0911011 KB
file11 This Love.mp32018-08-13 15:0911114 KB
file12 I Know Places.mp32018-08-13 15:098938 KB
file13 Clean.mp32018-08-13 15:0911950 KB
file14 Wonderland.mp32018-08-13 15:0910933 KB
file15 You Are In Love.mp32018-08-13 15:0911795 KB
file16 New Romantics.mp32018-08-13 15:0910329 KB
file17 I Know Places - [Voice Memos].mp32018-08-13 15:099764 KB
file18 I Wish You Would - [Voice Memos].mp32018-08-13 15:105396 KB
file19 Blank Space - [Voice Memos].mp32018-08-13 15:106357 KB
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