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file01. Islands In The Stream.mp32017-12-22 08:4210210 KB
file02. Wichita Lineman.mp32017-12-22 08:417513 KB
file03. Annie's Song.mp32017-12-22 08:417417 KB
file04. Green, Green Grass Of Home.mp32017-12-22 08:428850 KB
file05. Crazy.mp32017-12-22 08:416709 KB
file06. Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel).mp32017-12-22 08:426028 KB
file07. Blanket On The Ground.mp32017-12-22 08:418627 KB
file08. It's Five O' Clock Somewhere.mp32017-12-22 08:429381 KB
file09. Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.mp32017-12-22 08:416438 KB
file10. Welcome To My World.mp32017-12-22 08:425917 KB
file11. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry.mp32017-12-22 08:416808 KB
file12. Abilene.mp32017-12-22 08:415512 KB
file13. Jesus, Take The Wheel.mp32017-12-22 08:429262 KB
file14. Gentle On My Mind.mp32017-12-22 08:427227 KB
file15. East Bound And Down.mp32017-12-22 08:416930 KB
file16. Hey, Good Lookin'.mp32017-12-22 08:427216 KB
file17. Folsom Prison Blues.mp32017-12-22 08:416918 KB
file18. On The Road Again.mp32017-12-22 08:416092 KB
file19. Living Next Door To Alice.mp32017-12-22 08:428519 KB
file20. Nashville Grey Skies.mp32017-12-22 08:419109 KB
file21. I Hope You Dance.mp32017-12-22 08:4111983 KB
file22. I Will Always Love You.mp32017-12-22 08:417186 KB