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folderGuns N' Roses - Greatest Hits (2010)2021-09-12 12:30
file01 Welcome To The Jungle [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:544357 KB
file02 Sweet Child O' Mine [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:545692 KB
file03 Patience [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:545705 KB
file04 Paradise City [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:546527 KB
file05 Knockin' On Heaven's Door [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:545386 KB
file06 Civil War [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:547404 KB
file07 You Could Be Mine [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:545506 KB
file08 Don't Cry (Original) [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:544578 KB
file09 November Rain [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:548599 KB
file10 Live & Let Die [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:542923 KB
file11 Yesterdays [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:543144 KB
file12 Ain't It Fun [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:544933 KB
file13 Since I Don't Have You [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:544156 KB
file14 Sympathy For The Devil [High quality].mp32013-05-27 20:547296 KB