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file1-01 Praying for Time (Remastered).m4a2018-09-15 18:1610000 KB
file1-02 Freedom! '90 (Remastered).m4a2018-09-15 18:1613432 KB
file1-03 They Won't Go When I Go (Remaster.m4a2018-09-15 18:1610518 KB
file1-04 Something to Save (Remastered).m4a2018-09-15 18:147374 KB
file1-05 Cowboys and Angels (Remastered).m4a2018-09-15 18:1614629 KB
file1-06 Waiting for That Day (Remastered).m4a2018-09-15 18:1610099 KB
file1-07 Mothers Pride (Remastered).m4a2018-09-15 18:168405 KB
file1-08 Heal the Pain (Remastered).m4a2018-09-15 18:1610042 KB
file1-09 Soul Free (Remastered).m4a2018-09-15 18:1611664 KB
file1-10 Waiting (Reprise) [Remastered].m4a2018-09-15 18:155353 KB
file2-01 Freedom! '90 (Live).m4a2018-09-15 18:1612577 KB
file2-02 Fastlove (Live).m4a2018-09-15 18:1611430 KB
file2-03 I Can't Make You Love Me (Live).m4a2018-09-15 18:1612552 KB
file2-04 Father Figure (Live).m4a2018-09-15 18:1613873 KB
file2-05 You Have Been Loved (Live).m4a2018-09-15 18:1612946 KB
file2-06 Everything She Wants (Live).m4a2018-09-15 18:1611027 KB
file2-07 The Strangest Thing (Live).m4a2018-09-15 18:1613669 KB
file2-08 Older (Live).m4a2018-09-15 18:1612111 KB
file2-09 Star People (Live).m4a2018-09-15 18:1613310 KB
file2-10 Praying for Time (Live).m4a2018-09-15 18:1511314 KB
file2-11 Fantasy (feat. Nile Rodgers).m4a2018-09-15 18:168536 KB
file3-01 Soul Free (Special Radio Edit).m4a2018-09-15 18:1610435 KB
file3-02 Freedom! '90 (Back to Reality M.m4a2018-09-15 18:1612916 KB
file3-03 Freedom! '90 (Back to Reality M.m4a2018-09-15 18:158865 KB
file3-04 Fantasy.m4a2018-09-15 18:1610842 KB
file3-05 Freedom! '90 (Edit).m4a2018-09-15 18:1611063 KB
file3-06 Cowboys and Angels (Edit).m4a2018-09-15 18:169553 KB
file3-07 If You Were My Woman.m4a2018-09-15 18:168641 KB
file3-08 Too Funky (Single Edit).m4a2018-09-15 18:168052 KB
file3-09 Crazy Man Dance.m4a2018-09-15 18:1612268 KB
file3-10 Do You Really Want to Know.m4a2018-09-15 18:159987 KB
file3-11 Happy.m4a2018-09-15 18:168646 KB
file3-12 Too Funky (Extended).m4a2018-09-15 18:1611668 KB
file3-13 Too Jazzy (Happy Mix).m4a2018-09-15 18:1613070 KB
file3-14 Fantasy '98.m4a2018-09-15 18:169480 KB
file3-15 Heal the Pain (with Paul McCart.m4a2018-09-15 18:1510399 KB
file3-16 Desafinado (with Astrud Gilbert.m4a2018-09-15 18:168108 KB
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