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file01. For All We Know.flac2016-01-31 11:5714486 KB
file02. I Believe You.flac2016-01-31 11:5722687 KB
file03. It's Going to Take Some Time.flac2016-01-31 11:5716383 KB
file04. We've Only Just Begun.flac2016-01-31 11:5617940 KB
file05. Those Good Old Dreams.flac2016-01-31 11:5725961 KB
file06. Superstar.flac2016-01-31 11:5620893 KB
file07. Rainy Days and Mondays.flac2016-01-31 11:5620215 KB
file08. Goodbye to Love.flac2016-01-31 11:5724290 KB
file09. All You Get From Love Is a Love Song.flac2016-01-31 11:5624139 KB
file10. Top of the World.flac2016-01-31 11:5717737 KB
file11. Only Yesterday.flac2016-01-31 11:5624037 KB
file12. Ticket to Ride.flac2016-01-31 11:5625198 KB
file13. Hurting Each Other.flac2016-01-31 11:5617003 KB
file14. Yesterday Once More.flac2016-01-31 11:5623192 KB
file15. Sing.flac2016-01-31 11:5719296 KB
file16. Touch Me When We're Dancing.flac2016-01-31 11:5720841 KB
file17. Please Mr. Postman.flac2016-01-31 11:5718523 KB
file18. I Need to Be in Love.flac2016-01-31 11:5721324 KB
file19. I Won't Last a Day Without You.flac2016-01-31 11:5524716 KB
file20. (They Long to Be) Close to You.flac2016-01-31 11:5722490 KB
file21. For All We Know (Reprise).flac2016-01-31 11:563994 KB
fileAlbumArtSmall.jpg2020-05-14 13:478 KB
fileaudiochecker.log2016-01-31 11:551 KB
fileCarpenters - Singles 1969-1981.cue2016-01-31 11:553 KB
fileCarpenters - Singles 1969-1981.log2016-01-31 11:559 KB
fileCarpenters - Singles 1969-1981.m3u2016-01-31 11:550 KB
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